Sunday, May 31, 2009

Free Online Singles Dating

Free Online Singles Dating

Basically there are two. And then a whole bunch of pretenders. Sure, you can sign up for a free 30 day trial at one of the others... then throw a fit when they charge your credit card on day 31 for their monthly or quarterly fee.

Free, free, free. There's no control so women... be prepared to get A LOT of emails. And guys... there's no steps, tricks, or anything else to help you. You're just going to have to be charming and charismatic. LoL. - If you need a little help!

The second is...

This one has more tests and the like so guys, you can use this as a crutch if just building the magic is beyond your ability. Free online singles dating... You know?

Talk to you again later...


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nice Guys Don't Understand Communication

I was at a girl's house and she was listening to some youtube video blogs about the state of teaching. I think this was it... here It was a cool and very interesting.

Basically it talked about faculty living in fear of being fired and the result being that students suffer because they don't get insight, only top level instruction. They are not taught to truly think about things only to mimic other's decisions.

I watched a few others that were nowhere near as good. But one fellow (who rambled, often without any real point) did bring up an idea that I thought was quite good. He stated that the higher one goes in business the more one's job is to communicate with your superiors and disseminate that information down.

I thought... it resembles many computer programs that do not make money simply because they are difficult to use. It is unable to communicate our wants to the powerful central processor of the computer.

This is exactly what happens in the dating world. Nice Guys think they are communicating one thing but are in fact communicating something else entirely. But like programs who will continually try the same form of communication oblivious of the "error" men will stick to something that has worked once or twice and ignore the "errors" that keep popping up most of the time.

The basic code of the program needs to be rewritten. What this means is... the words and ideas he uses to communicate his wants to a woman need to be changed because as far as the processing unit (her instincts) are concerned the guy very often does NOT have "all access" privileges and is NOT likely to get them any time soon using that program.

Interesting that Nice Guys so often are unwilling to do any recoding to get their program in order so they can interface with women better.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Here we go again...

I've noticed two things when it comes to People. First, they are very afraid of being different. What I've come to realize isn't that people don't have the knowledge to accomplish some amazing things... I mean there are so many great systems out there that can catapult people to new heights. But there is a controlling, paralyzing grip on them that won't let go.


I'll be the first to admit that fear is a pretty strong emotion but what I don't understand is the full speed ahead support of something that obviously is NOT working. And yet, they stick to it hoping for the 1 in 100 moment that will balance the 99 failures.

When I was young I used to wonder if everything was a scam. If every system was nothing more than a trick to score $19.95 from some unsuspecting soul. But now that I know the difference. I'm pretty amazed by the whole thing. I am watching people wreck. In SLOW MOTION! And they have no interest in doing something different.

I mean, if they don't want help making their life fun and exciting from me, they should at least get it from someone else... right?

Monday, May 18, 2009

I thought I would throw out my different article pages:

Here's my "expert" page over at Love Detour. You can read some of the articles they have published of mine. Love Detour - Expert Dan Hitt

Here's a list of the articles I have here...

The Secret Ingredient to Approaching Women
The First 2 Minutes! How guys can create instant Attraction on their first date!
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Power Words: Are there words that hold a mystical power over women? Yes!


Here are my pages at Go Articles... Tips for Flirting at Go Articles

Here the list...

3 Steps to Keep a Woman WAITING for you to decide to be Exclusive!
2 steps to Kissing - A Super Technique to kiss that special girl
7 Powerful Tools to Attract any Woman
Learn the 2 Mistakes Nice Guys Make with Women!
31 Drug Dealing Techniques that Work Perfectly in the Dating World
The mistake all nice guys make - The 3 secrets all bad boys know!
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among others...

Some of these have duplicates... or closely rewritten articles. If you're not aware Google lowers the value of a page that is an exact copy of another page somewhere else on the web. But if you change it enough... googs will see it as new material.

Right now I'm trying out a new program... I'll blog about it if it turns out to be really effective.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Found an article I wrote on the internet... on a nice site! That's pretty cool!!!

Well, checking backlinks... in the never ending battle and there on the yahoo checker... my article on a pr 3 (i think, maybe it was a 5!) Of course my page wasn't a 3 (or 5) but I'll take what I can get!

here it is...

If you get a chance, i'd appreciate you bookmarking it with your email account, or delicious account, twitter, whatever...

Thank you!

My Article

Did I say "yeah!?!"

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Meeting with a model...

But not that kind of meeting. An old friend of mine that I needed help from. We've talked about my ideas a couple times and she diggs them enough that she has told friends with troubled relationships about me. I'm trying to get her to partner with me because she gives me immediate social proof with all potential clients.

I detailed my plan to go from helping single people to helping many at once. She thought it could work and liked the idea of being my partner.

In order to really be successful at this I'll have to put in some work... but i'm willing. I'd like to be the guy that helps people be happy. I've found that I like hanging out with happy people much, much, much more than miserable people... go figure.

Stay tuned as I try to buck the system and become an actual and real expert speaker.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Mistake all nice guys make- The 3 Secrets all bad boys know!

The mistake all nice guys make - The 3 secrets all bad boys know! by DR Hitt

Here's the question you have to ask yourself... Are you willing to face the idea that 100% of the roadblock lies with how you've always done things?

Women are very open to being very attracted to you but you, as a guy, are not doing anything to spur the growth. Granted you've listed to yourself a bunch of stuff that you're doing to cause attraction but none of them are actually doing that.

You're quite attentive and go out of your way to do nice things for her. You also call and text her first thing in the morning. Quite simply, these destroy attraction they do NOT build it. Imagine a to-do list with 6 things on it, if you will. When numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 are crossed off do you work on 5 or do you go back and re-work 2?

Of course you work on 5, those you have crossed off never enter your mind again. Well, friends, you've been crossed off her list, not consciously, she isn't to blame, it's evolution. You're already doing what she wants, she doesn't have to worry about you. But, if you're going to enjoy your time together you're going to need to change that.

Let's get you back on the list by putting you back on her mind. To do that you're going to have to start using my magical word of seduction. I don't want you to let your mind rebel against what I'm about to tell you, what you have been doing has obviously not been working.

Try something new.

You're going to have to overcome your fear of losing her, what you're doing now will drive any woman away for sure. I'm going to give you my magical word and then I'm going to give you some tips and examples of how to use it.

And now the word -- drum roll -- "NO".

Ta da!

Not convinced? It's the first word we really learn and has been the symbol of what stands between us and what we want all of our lives. It's what we must overcome to get what we want and you want to be overcome by her, trust me. You want her constantly thinking about how she can get what she wants from you. Now, I'm going to show you how the word NO builds attraction.

She says, "Let's go to Tom's Big Grill on Tuesday. I love that place." You put on your best devilish smile and say, "No." She'll very likely be surprised, perhaps even a little annoyed, after all the only thing you do for her is say Yes. Now you're going to create attraction in her and it's going to startle her a little bit. You go on, "I want to go to (anywhere) so go get your (black dress, favorite jeans, bowling shoes, etc.) on we're gonna have some real fun. - If you're in a store and she says you should buy shirt A, you say you like shirt B, and then you smile.

To clarify, it's never a confrontation - that lessons attraction - it's just you saying what you want to do just as an Alpha Male would. You don't ask her if she wants to go, just tell her when and where. You're not being possessive because she can choose not to go…and it shouldn't seem like a big deal if she doesn't want to go - go anyway. Tell her how much fun she missed. She'll want to go next time. - When you're walking down the sidewalk together - playfully bump her into obstacles or other people and if she actually runs into a person, talk to that person and blame her. She'll be shocked! And then she'll smile.

Here's two more very big attraction tools that you can utilize. The first is my "new faces & new places" rule of relationships. A man must take his woman to new places. That's where you come in. It doesn't matter where, but you must make it clear that YOU want to go and not that you're doing it for her.

You want to go but she can come and have fun if she wants. And the second is the word 'fun'. Everywhere you went without her you had a lot of fun. Talk about the people you saw, if they were dressed funny, said something funny, or walked funny. You're more fun than anything else she's got going but you still don't care if she hangs out with you.

And last, you must escalate kino but never talk about sex.

Kino is simply touching and you start by a small, quick touch to an arm or hand during conversation. Never let your touch linger, keep it quick. Build slowly. Touching is a mating ritual and will cause a woman to think about sex. Here's the kicker though, when they try to talk about it even if it's accusing you of thinking about it…tell them to keep their hands off you…you're not free. Slap, in a fun way, at them with napkins, newspapers or a sheet of paper and tell them to control themselves. You, from this point on will never, ever, ever bring up sex in any way and will always tease them when they do. This will cause them to wonder why you don't want to talk about it, especially when you're indicating, with your kino, that you are interested. Now you're on her mind.

These things are up to you, under your control. Start missing those phone calls and other things that you always thought showed her you care. She doesn't need them. You need them. To her they're just a weakness on your part but she's willing to participate for you. Her emotional circuitry thinks this, not her mind. You're making a change from the man she likes having around to the man she's desperately attracted to. And always, always do it with a smile. Even if you're not feeling the smile, it still works.

You are on your way. Keep checking the site for new information to calibrate your game. Remember, you're always having fun, but they can join you if they want.

Go to it.

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31 Drug Dealing Techniques that work Perfectly in the Dating World

31 Drug Dealing Techniques that work Perfectly in the Dating World

Drug Dealing is just about the best job you can have right up to the point you're led away in handcuffs. I mean, you drive a BMW, wake up at noon, have tons of friends, make lots of money, don't work (much) and you have an endless supply of drugs, booty, drugs and drama.

What's not to love?

Unlike dating, drug dealing is a cut throat industry. The methods have been refined to a point of A-B-C's and if you ignore them you usually get shot, arrested or strung out. Well, in the dating world pretty much the same rules apply if you think about it. And the results of not following the rules?

Getting shot (down), arrested (by fear) and strung out (by some dude/chick who just does not give a damn about you!)

Let's get to the list.

Drug Rule #1 - Locate your Clientele -There are people who want your product. A lot of people want your drugs. More than you think. But not everyone. You have to figure out where you're going to meet your Clientele. If you just wait around for them to show up... you won't do much, if any, business.

Drug Rule #2 - Do Drugs - While an all around bad idea - it's the easiest way to make the transition. The same with women/men - if you 'do' enough of them you'll find that falling into a long term relationship with one is pretty easy (although it will wreck you and leave you a shaking, emotional mess)

Drug Rule #3 - Invent, discover, or steal the recipe for the most addictive drug you can find. Know what people are addicted to and have it ready to distribute.

Drug Rule #4 - Have a low maintenance "Front". Some reason for dealing with the people you deal with that's not "all obvious and sh%t".

Drug Rule #5 - Rename your drug to it doesn't seem like every other drug out there. Talk about the amazing, new, powerful, exciting, ground breaking effects of your drug.

Drug Rule #6 - Buy a Safe - Drug dealers get robbed. A lot. Same goes with daters... keep your emotions in a safe. Be very careful about who has the combination (you're only really safe if you are the ONLY one with the combo!)

Drug Rule #7 - Give people free samples of "your sh%t" to show them how good it is. Don't worry they will tell all their friends that like the same kind of sh%t. Their friends might show up on the DL (down low - "secretly") but sooner or later they will all come (if you have good sh#t.)

Drug Rule #8 - Let people know how your drug will solve their problems.

Drug Rule #9 - Dealing to minors will get you in a HEAP of serious TROUBLE!

Drug Rule #10 - Encourage people with influence to hype your drug in exchange for free drugs.

Drug Rule #11 - Sometimes minors are the best customers.

Drug Rule #12 - When introduced to a new potential client start off by saying you don't deal drugs. And never admit that you have drugs on you. First, he might be a snitch/cop. Second, you create a heightened expectation about your product if it's unavailable.

Drug Rule #13 - Imply that your competitors are dangerous and unreliable but make it sound like a compliment.

Drug Rule #14 - Always make "the big buy" in the dealer's home. That way everyone knows that you know where to go if someone gets screwed.

Drug Rule #15 - Decide if you want this customer just today or for life. If it's for life - give him the good sh%t.

Drug Rule #16 - If someone wants to measure the product... let them.

Drug Rule #17 - Don't talk about personal stuff. Everything is off limits but the weather, sex, drugs, sports, government screw-ups, aliens, hair, music and video games.

Drug Rule #18 - Customers are not friends. Friends are friends. Customers are for drugs only.

Drug Rule #19 - Know how to fight. As soon as a fight's necessary, hit first and fight to the death if necessary to make them give in.

Drug Rule #20 - It's okay to trade drugs for oral but you can't do it all the time or you'll end up with no drugs and then no customers.

Drug Rule #21 - Don't front anyone drugs. Everyone pays for drugs, every time. Or guess what? They walk away with the drugs free and clear and go to a different dealer next time. There are plenty of dealers in the sea.

Drug Rule #22 - The only secret to being a good dealer is... Good Product.

Drug Rule #23 - If you want to get high off your product make sure you're not the only one and everyone else is paying. Don't let people treat you like a "booty call".

Drug Rule #24 - No matter how fun it is... getting kids and pets high is not funny or cool. (I'm talking to you, Jack a$$!)

Drug Rule #25 - Drop the dime on your supplier only if you're looking at more than 18 months of misery. (He would do the same for you, if it makes you feel any better.)

Drug Rule #26 - Treat small buyers like crap.

Drug Rule #27 - Greed will make you lots of money and eventually send you to jail. Greedy Dealing, like random club-sex, will get you 18 years to life before you know what hit you.

Drug Rule #28 - A nice car helps.

Drug Rule #29 - Since you deal damage - don't date people hooked on damage.

Drug Rule #30 - Authorities will only crack down on you if you're dealing outside of your crowd.

Drug Rule #31 - Don't ever give up on Drugs - they change people's lives.

There you have it. The 31 best rules to follow when dealing drugs and dating!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's getting hot in Phoenix. Hot. I'm hard at work optimizing my new website and getting links for it. Link building is a pain in the *&^^(%&. While I was working a commercial came on about Dane Cook. I don't think that guy is funny. Does any GUY think he is funny? I completely understand why women think he is funny... it's an attraction thing but I am having trouble understanding why guys think he is funny.

I know he has a zillion followers. But, the thing is, I've asked a lot of guys and I usually find that about 80% - 90% don't think he's funny. That's a HUGE number for someone with such an avid following. Hmmmm....

Could that mean he isn't funny? Yes. Not funny.

Enough about that. Of course I'm going to throw a link in about my new site.

How to Paintball Tutorials!!!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Secret Power of the Alpha Male to Create Uncontrollable Reactions in Women!

Although they often don’t openly talk about it with guys most women have a memory of a man who created uncontrollable reactions in them. Whose very touch sent shivers down their body and caused thrilling moments of both agony and ecstasy. For a woman this total surrender, both body and soul, is a very overpowering experience and unfortunately it’s also an experience that doesn’t happen very often. (All the women are nodding their heads in agreement right now!) For most people the assumption is that this experience was the result of two people who just ‘fit’. But in reality this uncontrollable reaction was created by an Alpha Male. “What?” Some of the guys are probably saying right now. “How can that be? I’ve had great times with women!” Trust me, you’ll know when you’re creating that kind of attraction in a woman and she’ll know it too. Let’s explain why the Alpha Male is the sole owner of this state of euphoria in women.

But first we must understand what an Alpha Male is before we can begin to understand the mesmerizing allure they radiate. An online dictionary had this to say: a domineering man; the dominant member in a group of males, especially animals. It doesn’t exactly paint a pretty picture. It sounds like the Alpha Male is simply a leader. All of us understand what a leader is and we easily recognize them when we encounter the various groups of our small worlds. The manager at a fast food restaurant, the lead salesman on a sales team, the owner of a small business are all examples of a leader but they are not examples of an Alpha Male. But there is a distinct difference between a leader and the elusive Alpha Male. A leader is empowered by the social structure he or she functions in. Their authority is derived by people’s desire to obey the rules of their social groups. When the manager says, “Get to work!” we jump because everyone agrees that the boss is in charge! An Alpha Male, on the other hand, is an individual whose power radiates from within. He is self-made, if you will. He is followed, not because of the authority he has been empowered with by his peers but because people are driven by an internal instinct to follow him. They are compelled from within by their internal drive to survive. His allure comes from the confidant, assertive manner that he confronts life. It isn’t very often but we’ve all met an individual that we simply enjoy being around. Without being aware of what’s going on it’s very difficult to pin point why we want to be around them but the magnetism is there none the less.

I realize I haven’t explained exactly what an Alpha Male is but I’ve made him identifiable. You might even know one or two of them. But their secrets are still locked away. Their tricks are still theirs alone. You see the sparks that fly between him and the women he chooses to center his attention on and now you know that those uncontrollable reactions in women are his domain alone. At this point it might have occurred to some of you to ask if an ordinary guy can become an Alpha Male. Let’s explain exactly why an Alpha Male is able to do what he does to women and then we’ll answer that question.

Most guys make the mistake of thinking that women choose guys the same way guys choose women. Guys choose based on looks. Simple. A woman’s health is reflected in her looks and we determine her viability for procreation at a glance. (although sometimes that glance is twenty or thirty seconds!) But women do not choose men based on looks. I’m sure there are some men and women voicing an argument right now but let me make my point and then you can argue if you still feel inclined. (You won’t) Women choose men based on a man’s ability to provide safety. That’s right: SAFETY. There is nothing more important to a woman. If you consider the dangers that traditionally confront a woman it’s quite daunting. Alone, she would have to hunt for food, find and defend shelter, defend herself and perhaps her offspring from unwanted male advances, and fend off dangerous creatures. She needs to join a pack but she wants to join the pack with the most chance of survival. But it is not an intellectual assessment, it’s an instinctual assessment. A man can’t convince a woman that he can provide safety, she makes that determination in the first five seconds. She has discovered traits in a man that indicate that he can provide safety for her and these are the traits of the Alpha Male. In order to join his pack a woman instinctively understands that she must win his approval and those uncontrollable reactions are her way of doing it.

Now let’s get back to the important question. What’s the difference between an ordinary guy and an Alpha Male? Everything and very little. The ordinary guy seeks approval and the Alpha Male does not. An ordinary guy desperately wants a woman and the Alpha Male does not. The ordinary guy is frustrated and the Alpha Male is not. The ordinary man dresses to appear like his peers and the Alpha Male dresses to appear the opposite. The ordinary guy wants to win and the Alpha Male already has. But the distance between the two is so slight, most people would be shocked at how easy a man can cross from being one to being the other. And that means an Alpha can easily become an ordinary guy as well as vice versa. So the answer is “yes” every man can be an Alpha Male. Fear and knowledge are all that stop you. Over time we’ll address the one, the other is up to you.

About the Author: Dan has travelled the world looking for life’s mysteries and secrets. He’s been to film school, taught English in Japan, been thrown in jail in several countries, and walked some of the dark roads of life. He’s known mesmerizing women and total, abject despair. He loves the smell of fresh rain and the touch of a kindred soul.

Went to see a girl I hooked up with at a party

Hmmm... I'm really starting to think that drinking and making out with girls is a bad idea. I just got home from hanging out with a girl that I was in a lung lock with (my tongue shoved so far down her throat I was tickling a lung) at a party the other night.

what does this mean? Well, I'm an expert at controlling women (it's what my book is about) but no matter how often I would change the subject she will then take up a new subject a short time later that was just as boring.

Even after I asked her why she was interested in so many boring subjects! Aggghhhhh!

We were not there to talk about barnes and noble censoring books... I could care less and told her so. I kept thinking back to the party... I don't remember her doing anything but laughing and going for ALL my techniques.

Oh well.... maybe next time.

Monday, May 4, 2009

My ex-wife just called... Part 2

He goes to church every Sunday and sometimes Tuesday. He wants to start talking to this girl from south america that's pretty good looking with an accent and very nice smile. He's already tried his regular methods for a while and they're getting him nothing.

So he tries mine.

Three sundays later... that's a little over 3 hours! He's IN. Man, is he excited. He want to be an "example" for me. Make a video and all that. He can't believe it. And he keeps telling me how rich her family is. I don't care, but it's nice that he's this excited.

He goes down the list of stuff he did. It's all pretty funny. Everyone likes to tell their story. I'm going to get some video footage, post in on youtube and link it to my site. I'll post here when that happens.

You'll laugh when you see how excited he is.