Thursday, November 26, 2009

Phone Dating - A different way to meet singles

Here's a great Guest Post from a friend of mine. I wasn't even aware there was such a thing as phone dating but I really like the idea. Follow his link to check out his site... -D

Phone Dating - A different way to meet singles

In many parts of the world phone dating is becoming one of the most popular methods for meeting other singles. This is due, for the most part, to the popularity of the cell phone and smart phones with which you can be connected to other singles wherever you go. It can also be great fun and is a stress free way to meet potential dates.

These days phone dating is very similar to Internet dating. With a quality phone dating service you can search and browse profiles, create your own profile, view pictures, chat, text and even email other members. Most of these services have phone chat lines where you can talk with groups of people or privately with one person to get to know them better. Those with a smart phone can even utilize the newly developed proximity dating, which uses GPS to alert you when you are close to other singles so that you can meet up!
Finding genuine singles with phone dating is not much different to the online variety. To attract more people to your profile and meet more singles it is a good idea to create a full profile. This shows that you are serious and active user, which is a good way to get other serious members to contact you. Also try and be active in the chat rooms as this is a great way to meet other regular and active users.

Like all forms of meeting people there are some safety guidelines when using a phone chat service. Never give out personal information until you feel comfortable with a person and if you want to meet always do it in a public place (you could even take a friend along with you). One of the best safety features of phone dating services is the ability to hang up the phone if someone is making you feel uncomfortable! Whilst it is good to be alert it does not need to stop you from you having a good time!