Thursday, November 26, 2009

Phone Dating - A different way to meet singles

Here's a great Guest Post from a friend of mine. I wasn't even aware there was such a thing as phone dating but I really like the idea. Follow his link to check out his site... -D

Phone Dating - A different way to meet singles

In many parts of the world phone dating is becoming one of the most popular methods for meeting other singles. This is due, for the most part, to the popularity of the cell phone and smart phones with which you can be connected to other singles wherever you go. It can also be great fun and is a stress free way to meet potential dates.

These days phone dating is very similar to Internet dating. With a quality phone dating service you can search and browse profiles, create your own profile, view pictures, chat, text and even email other members. Most of these services have phone chat lines where you can talk with groups of people or privately with one person to get to know them better. Those with a smart phone can even utilize the newly developed proximity dating, which uses GPS to alert you when you are close to other singles so that you can meet up!
Finding genuine singles with phone dating is not much different to the online variety. To attract more people to your profile and meet more singles it is a good idea to create a full profile. This shows that you are serious and active user, which is a good way to get other serious members to contact you. Also try and be active in the chat rooms as this is a great way to meet other regular and active users.

Like all forms of meeting people there are some safety guidelines when using a phone chat service. Never give out personal information until you feel comfortable with a person and if you want to meet always do it in a public place (you could even take a friend along with you). One of the best safety features of phone dating services is the ability to hang up the phone if someone is making you feel uncomfortable! Whilst it is good to be alert it does not need to stop you from you having a good time!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The 1 Mistake ALL Nice Guys Make - Tips for Flirting

Tips for Flirting

Nice Guys love to talk to women. They relish the chance to make "a connection" and hopefully find something that can bring his object of desire closer to to him. Like the high school kid who can't afford the cool leather jacket and can't convince his parents to buy it for him.

What does he do?

He gets a job. Problem solved. Now he might keep that job or he might quit after he gets enough to but the jacket... the point is that he solved his problem. Nice Guys take the same approach. But the way they do this is they look for "a connection." This is the first and biggest mistake. Does this work? Sometimes, but as Nietzsche said, that is mistaking cause with coincidence.

It works but she would have liked you anyway! Now you mistakenly believe it was the connection that gave you the edge. And since that isn't the case at all you'll fail many times between the times you don't fail. But you'll keep looking for the "connection" because you think it's the key.

Creating attraction is the only tip for flirting that need ever be headed. It you don't do that then there is little or no hope.

Don't look for the "connection" instead do the work yourself. Create attraction...

Look to my other posts for some tips to do that.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cute Date Ideas - Top 7

Cute Date Ideas are something you can use with all the dating tips and flirting advice you're learning. Where you have your date and help or hurt but how you have your date is far more important. But that's for different posts. Here we'll just talk about a few cool places you can go that will give you some "points" and allow you to run game in a great environment.

Cute Date Ideas...

Idea # 1 - What the most romantic place in your area. Often this will be somewhere that you can see but don't necessarily have to pay for. An amazing river, the Grand Canyon, the edge of a National Park, or even take an hour or two to drive some place really great.

Idea # 2 - Fork out a little cash and go to a romantic restaurant. Let me be really clear about this. This MUST be a place she has NOT been to before. Trust me on this, new locations trigger instinctual responses in women. That's good. If you don't want to spend too much just find a little mom and pop joint with low lighting and a great priced menu. As long as she hasn't been there... she will love it!

Idea # 3 - Hotel Rooms. Don't do Budget Inn, but find something inexpensive but quaint if you're on a budget but don't ask her opinion about it. Don't ask if she likes the mountains, or this style hotel or a hotel in that place. She will love it if you're doing it for her.

Check out more date ideas!!!

Idea # 4 - Picnics are just about the best! A little basket of food, couple candles and maybe a nice back drop. Just something relatively quiet and peaceful.

Idea # 5 - Create something nice but simple that "looks back" on your time together. The good times. How you met, places you've gone and the like. It doesn't need to be pictures... it can be a poem, a story, a slide show of pictures or cartoons you've drawn with a "dramatic" telling of your love...

Idea # 6 - Get a digital camera and tell her you're both going to "act out" all the fun steps of your relationship. This can go in any direction you like, use your imagination.

Idea # 7 - A rose with breakfast and some printed coupons for "special favors". Women LOVE getting this kind of stuff.

Just that list there of Cute Date Ideas will get you back to a flirting and dating atmosphere in no time!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Free Online Singles Dating

Free Online Singles Dating

Basically there are two. And then a whole bunch of pretenders. Sure, you can sign up for a free 30 day trial at one of the others... then throw a fit when they charge your credit card on day 31 for their monthly or quarterly fee.

Free, free, free. There's no control so women... be prepared to get A LOT of emails. And guys... there's no steps, tricks, or anything else to help you. You're just going to have to be charming and charismatic. LoL. - If you need a little help!

The second is...

This one has more tests and the like so guys, you can use this as a crutch if just building the magic is beyond your ability. Free online singles dating... You know?

Talk to you again later...


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nice Guys Don't Understand Communication

I was at a girl's house and she was listening to some youtube video blogs about the state of teaching. I think this was it... here It was a cool and very interesting.

Basically it talked about faculty living in fear of being fired and the result being that students suffer because they don't get insight, only top level instruction. They are not taught to truly think about things only to mimic other's decisions.

I watched a few others that were nowhere near as good. But one fellow (who rambled, often without any real point) did bring up an idea that I thought was quite good. He stated that the higher one goes in business the more one's job is to communicate with your superiors and disseminate that information down.

I thought... it resembles many computer programs that do not make money simply because they are difficult to use. It is unable to communicate our wants to the powerful central processor of the computer.

This is exactly what happens in the dating world. Nice Guys think they are communicating one thing but are in fact communicating something else entirely. But like programs who will continually try the same form of communication oblivious of the "error" men will stick to something that has worked once or twice and ignore the "errors" that keep popping up most of the time.

The basic code of the program needs to be rewritten. What this means is... the words and ideas he uses to communicate his wants to a woman need to be changed because as far as the processing unit (her instincts) are concerned the guy very often does NOT have "all access" privileges and is NOT likely to get them any time soon using that program.

Interesting that Nice Guys so often are unwilling to do any recoding to get their program in order so they can interface with women better.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Here we go again...

I've noticed two things when it comes to People. First, they are very afraid of being different. What I've come to realize isn't that people don't have the knowledge to accomplish some amazing things... I mean there are so many great systems out there that can catapult people to new heights. But there is a controlling, paralyzing grip on them that won't let go.


I'll be the first to admit that fear is a pretty strong emotion but what I don't understand is the full speed ahead support of something that obviously is NOT working. And yet, they stick to it hoping for the 1 in 100 moment that will balance the 99 failures.

When I was young I used to wonder if everything was a scam. If every system was nothing more than a trick to score $19.95 from some unsuspecting soul. But now that I know the difference. I'm pretty amazed by the whole thing. I am watching people wreck. In SLOW MOTION! And they have no interest in doing something different.

I mean, if they don't want help making their life fun and exciting from me, they should at least get it from someone else... right?

Monday, May 18, 2009

I thought I would throw out my different article pages:

Here's my "expert" page over at Love Detour. You can read some of the articles they have published of mine. Love Detour - Expert Dan Hitt

Here's a list of the articles I have here...

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Some of these have duplicates... or closely rewritten articles. If you're not aware Google lowers the value of a page that is an exact copy of another page somewhere else on the web. But if you change it enough... googs will see it as new material.

Right now I'm trying out a new program... I'll blog about it if it turns out to be really effective.