Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nice Guys Don't Understand Communication

I was at a girl's house and she was listening to some youtube video blogs about the state of teaching. I think this was it... here It was a cool and very interesting.

Basically it talked about faculty living in fear of being fired and the result being that students suffer because they don't get insight, only top level instruction. They are not taught to truly think about things only to mimic other's decisions.

I watched a few others that were nowhere near as good. But one fellow (who rambled, often without any real point) did bring up an idea that I thought was quite good. He stated that the higher one goes in business the more one's job is to communicate with your superiors and disseminate that information down.

I thought... it resembles many computer programs that do not make money simply because they are difficult to use. It is unable to communicate our wants to the powerful central processor of the computer.

This is exactly what happens in the dating world. Nice Guys think they are communicating one thing but are in fact communicating something else entirely. But like programs who will continually try the same form of communication oblivious of the "error" men will stick to something that has worked once or twice and ignore the "errors" that keep popping up most of the time.

The basic code of the program needs to be rewritten. What this means is... the words and ideas he uses to communicate his wants to a woman need to be changed because as far as the processing unit (her instincts) are concerned the guy very often does NOT have "all access" privileges and is NOT likely to get them any time soon using that program.

Interesting that Nice Guys so often are unwilling to do any recoding to get their program in order so they can interface with women better.

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