Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Mistake all nice guys make- The 3 Secrets all bad boys know!

The mistake all nice guys make - The 3 secrets all bad boys know! by DR Hitt

Here's the question you have to ask yourself... Are you willing to face the idea that 100% of the roadblock lies with how you've always done things?

Women are very open to being very attracted to you but you, as a guy, are not doing anything to spur the growth. Granted you've listed to yourself a bunch of stuff that you're doing to cause attraction but none of them are actually doing that.

You're quite attentive and go out of your way to do nice things for her. You also call and text her first thing in the morning. Quite simply, these destroy attraction they do NOT build it. Imagine a to-do list with 6 things on it, if you will. When numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 are crossed off do you work on 5 or do you go back and re-work 2?

Of course you work on 5, those you have crossed off never enter your mind again. Well, friends, you've been crossed off her list, not consciously, she isn't to blame, it's evolution. You're already doing what she wants, she doesn't have to worry about you. But, if you're going to enjoy your time together you're going to need to change that.

Let's get you back on the list by putting you back on her mind. To do that you're going to have to start using my magical word of seduction. I don't want you to let your mind rebel against what I'm about to tell you, what you have been doing has obviously not been working.

Try something new.

You're going to have to overcome your fear of losing her, what you're doing now will drive any woman away for sure. I'm going to give you my magical word and then I'm going to give you some tips and examples of how to use it.

And now the word -- drum roll -- "NO".

Ta da!

Not convinced? It's the first word we really learn and has been the symbol of what stands between us and what we want all of our lives. It's what we must overcome to get what we want and you want to be overcome by her, trust me. You want her constantly thinking about how she can get what she wants from you. Now, I'm going to show you how the word NO builds attraction.

She says, "Let's go to Tom's Big Grill on Tuesday. I love that place." You put on your best devilish smile and say, "No." She'll very likely be surprised, perhaps even a little annoyed, after all the only thing you do for her is say Yes. Now you're going to create attraction in her and it's going to startle her a little bit. You go on, "I want to go to (anywhere) so go get your (black dress, favorite jeans, bowling shoes, etc.) on we're gonna have some real fun. - If you're in a store and she says you should buy shirt A, you say you like shirt B, and then you smile.

To clarify, it's never a confrontation - that lessons attraction - it's just you saying what you want to do just as an Alpha Male would. You don't ask her if she wants to go, just tell her when and where. You're not being possessive because she can choose not to go…and it shouldn't seem like a big deal if she doesn't want to go - go anyway. Tell her how much fun she missed. She'll want to go next time. - When you're walking down the sidewalk together - playfully bump her into obstacles or other people and if she actually runs into a person, talk to that person and blame her. She'll be shocked! And then she'll smile.

Here's two more very big attraction tools that you can utilize. The first is my "new faces & new places" rule of relationships. A man must take his woman to new places. That's where you come in. It doesn't matter where, but you must make it clear that YOU want to go and not that you're doing it for her.

You want to go but she can come and have fun if she wants. And the second is the word 'fun'. Everywhere you went without her you had a lot of fun. Talk about the people you saw, if they were dressed funny, said something funny, or walked funny. You're more fun than anything else she's got going but you still don't care if she hangs out with you.

And last, you must escalate kino but never talk about sex.

Kino is simply touching and you start by a small, quick touch to an arm or hand during conversation. Never let your touch linger, keep it quick. Build slowly. Touching is a mating ritual and will cause a woman to think about sex. Here's the kicker though, when they try to talk about it even if it's accusing you of thinking about it…tell them to keep their hands off you…you're not free. Slap, in a fun way, at them with napkins, newspapers or a sheet of paper and tell them to control themselves. You, from this point on will never, ever, ever bring up sex in any way and will always tease them when they do. This will cause them to wonder why you don't want to talk about it, especially when you're indicating, with your kino, that you are interested. Now you're on her mind.

These things are up to you, under your control. Start missing those phone calls and other things that you always thought showed her you care. She doesn't need them. You need them. To her they're just a weakness on your part but she's willing to participate for you. Her emotional circuitry thinks this, not her mind. You're making a change from the man she likes having around to the man she's desperately attracted to. And always, always do it with a smile. Even if you're not feeling the smile, it still works.

You are on your way. Keep checking the site for new information to calibrate your game. Remember, you're always having fun, but they can join you if they want.

Go to it.

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