Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's getting hot in Phoenix. Hot. I'm hard at work optimizing my new website and getting links for it. Link building is a pain in the *&^^(%&. While I was working a commercial came on about Dane Cook. I don't think that guy is funny. Does any GUY think he is funny? I completely understand why women think he is funny... it's an attraction thing but I am having trouble understanding why guys think he is funny.

I know he has a zillion followers. But, the thing is, I've asked a lot of guys and I usually find that about 80% - 90% don't think he's funny. That's a HUGE number for someone with such an avid following. Hmmmm....

Could that mean he isn't funny? Yes. Not funny.

Enough about that. Of course I'm going to throw a link in about my new site.

How to Paintball Tutorials!!!



  1. Hey Dan,
    Dane Cook has a rep on the circuit with the other comedians (rumor has it) - nobody wants to go on tour with him because he is notorious for stealing other comedians material.
    I'm looking forward to following your bog! Dennis, hopefully, will appreciate all my new flirting moves...

  2. lol, dennis will love them... hahahah