Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Went to see a girl I hooked up with at a party

Hmmm... I'm really starting to think that drinking and making out with girls is a bad idea. I just got home from hanging out with a girl that I was in a lung lock with (my tongue shoved so far down her throat I was tickling a lung) at a party the other night.

what does this mean? Well, I'm an expert at controlling women (it's what my book is about) but no matter how often I would change the subject she will then take up a new subject a short time later that was just as boring.

Even after I asked her why she was interested in so many boring subjects! Aggghhhhh!

We were not there to talk about barnes and noble censoring books... I could care less and told her so. I kept thinking back to the party... I don't remember her doing anything but laughing and going for ALL my techniques.

Oh well.... maybe next time.

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