Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Secret Power of the Alpha Male to Create Uncontrollable Reactions in Women!

Although they often don’t openly talk about it with guys most women have a memory of a man who created uncontrollable reactions in them. Whose very touch sent shivers down their body and caused thrilling moments of both agony and ecstasy. For a woman this total surrender, both body and soul, is a very overpowering experience and unfortunately it’s also an experience that doesn’t happen very often. (All the women are nodding their heads in agreement right now!) For most people the assumption is that this experience was the result of two people who just ‘fit’. But in reality this uncontrollable reaction was created by an Alpha Male. “What?” Some of the guys are probably saying right now. “How can that be? I’ve had great times with women!” Trust me, you’ll know when you’re creating that kind of attraction in a woman and she’ll know it too. Let’s explain why the Alpha Male is the sole owner of this state of euphoria in women.

But first we must understand what an Alpha Male is before we can begin to understand the mesmerizing allure they radiate. An online dictionary had this to say: a domineering man; the dominant member in a group of males, especially animals. It doesn’t exactly paint a pretty picture. It sounds like the Alpha Male is simply a leader. All of us understand what a leader is and we easily recognize them when we encounter the various groups of our small worlds. The manager at a fast food restaurant, the lead salesman on a sales team, the owner of a small business are all examples of a leader but they are not examples of an Alpha Male. But there is a distinct difference between a leader and the elusive Alpha Male. A leader is empowered by the social structure he or she functions in. Their authority is derived by people’s desire to obey the rules of their social groups. When the manager says, “Get to work!” we jump because everyone agrees that the boss is in charge! An Alpha Male, on the other hand, is an individual whose power radiates from within. He is self-made, if you will. He is followed, not because of the authority he has been empowered with by his peers but because people are driven by an internal instinct to follow him. They are compelled from within by their internal drive to survive. His allure comes from the confidant, assertive manner that he confronts life. It isn’t very often but we’ve all met an individual that we simply enjoy being around. Without being aware of what’s going on it’s very difficult to pin point why we want to be around them but the magnetism is there none the less.

I realize I haven’t explained exactly what an Alpha Male is but I’ve made him identifiable. You might even know one or two of them. But their secrets are still locked away. Their tricks are still theirs alone. You see the sparks that fly between him and the women he chooses to center his attention on and now you know that those uncontrollable reactions in women are his domain alone. At this point it might have occurred to some of you to ask if an ordinary guy can become an Alpha Male. Let’s explain exactly why an Alpha Male is able to do what he does to women and then we’ll answer that question.

Most guys make the mistake of thinking that women choose guys the same way guys choose women. Guys choose based on looks. Simple. A woman’s health is reflected in her looks and we determine her viability for procreation at a glance. (although sometimes that glance is twenty or thirty seconds!) But women do not choose men based on looks. I’m sure there are some men and women voicing an argument right now but let me make my point and then you can argue if you still feel inclined. (You won’t) Women choose men based on a man’s ability to provide safety. That’s right: SAFETY. There is nothing more important to a woman. If you consider the dangers that traditionally confront a woman it’s quite daunting. Alone, she would have to hunt for food, find and defend shelter, defend herself and perhaps her offspring from unwanted male advances, and fend off dangerous creatures. She needs to join a pack but she wants to join the pack with the most chance of survival. But it is not an intellectual assessment, it’s an instinctual assessment. A man can’t convince a woman that he can provide safety, she makes that determination in the first five seconds. She has discovered traits in a man that indicate that he can provide safety for her and these are the traits of the Alpha Male. In order to join his pack a woman instinctively understands that she must win his approval and those uncontrollable reactions are her way of doing it.

Now let’s get back to the important question. What’s the difference between an ordinary guy and an Alpha Male? Everything and very little. The ordinary guy seeks approval and the Alpha Male does not. An ordinary guy desperately wants a woman and the Alpha Male does not. The ordinary guy is frustrated and the Alpha Male is not. The ordinary man dresses to appear like his peers and the Alpha Male dresses to appear the opposite. The ordinary guy wants to win and the Alpha Male already has. But the distance between the two is so slight, most people would be shocked at how easy a man can cross from being one to being the other. And that means an Alpha can easily become an ordinary guy as well as vice versa. So the answer is “yes” every man can be an Alpha Male. Fear and knowledge are all that stop you. Over time we’ll address the one, the other is up to you.

About the Author: Dan has travelled the world looking for life’s mysteries and secrets. He’s been to film school, taught English in Japan, been thrown in jail in several countries, and walked some of the dark roads of life. He’s known mesmerizing women and total, abject despair. He loves the smell of fresh rain and the touch of a kindred soul.

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