Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My ex-wife just called... Part 1

A few months ago my ex-wife's neighbor who she goes to church with was down in the dumps about breaking up with his fiance. She found him boring and even though she loved him she was not in love with him. Ouch!

At the time I was only charging $200 for one on one services but this guy didn't have a job... he lost it because he kept leaving work (who does that?) to go home and argue with his wife (she worked the opposite hours (hmmm, accident?)) I wonder how that conversation went...

him: Um, Bob, I'm going home.
bob: Why? (curious like a manager should be)
him: My girl is really raking me over the coals.
bob: ?


My Ex watches his (something wrong with her but I can't remember what) child and so every time he goes over to pick up the child - he gives her an earful about how sad/bored/pathetic/lonely he is.

She asks me to help him... I say, "Get the $200 and you can keep half." She replies that he doesn't want to pay. He thinks it isn't worth it. I ask her what kind of car he drives... she says.. an SUV, I don't know what kind. I say... is it nice?


So, it's like a 3-5 hundred dollar payment per month... Does he have cable, I ask? She doesn't know... I tell her to ask him these questions, then when he replies... close with... but you won't pay $200 for something that will keep you happy for the rest of your life? That's 50 cents a month for 20 years.. or whatever. You get the idea.

The guy doesn't believe her.

I say fine. I drop it.

Couple weeks later she tells me... he keeps bothering me. Please, teach him.

No. (I teach how to control women - that means Ex-wives too!)

Couple weeks later...the same. She goes on, "He says teach him first... if it works then he'll pay $300."

I know how this goes... I teach it... then they say they've known that stuff all along they just weren't doing it... and then they question if it's worth $200 ($300 in this case) I respond with... so how come you didn't have any girls? They respond with... blah, blah, blah... (who cares)

So I say no.

Finally he agrees to cough it up... but he wants to know where I live... I say "no". My Ex says... you know where I live... Geez!!!!

He coughs it up.

I give him the about 4 hours the first day. We practice a bit. I have to go. He gets himself pumped up with it... repeats that most of it is common sense (it isn't... for every 100 guys... 99 of them have never and will never do what I teach without outside help)

But he's pretty excited... keeps repeating that it seems pretty easy...
Stay tuned for PART 2... and find out what happened...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Chat box action on Dating Sites

I was pretty disappointed to find out that some of the dating sites are going to stop using live chat functions... Hey!

I'm a master with this tool... pretty much if a girl agrees to open up a chat window with me... i get her number about 60% of the time. I can almost get her to ask me to contact her again although I occasionally lose women due to the assertive/jerk way I create my profile. Although that method loses me women here and there... it also up'ed my success rate significantly.

Man, I could get on there and just click open boxes on ten women and wait for one to answer and then go to work on her - flirting, attracting and then dating - at 3 - 6 days from that point. You can see at Tips for Flirting.

Now they're all gone. Back to email. It has a much higher success rate but it isn't nearly as fun as the chat function. In fact... email is just too easy. I don't make any of the mistakes that guys usually make...although they think they are helping themselves, they are in fact lowering the attraction of the women they are emailing... and they don't even know it!

I give a lot of free dating, flirting and seduction advice on my site so check it out if you want.

5 top travel tips

The whole reason I go to other countries is so I can find beautiful women there. I want to flirt with them, date them and seduce them. I then write about how I do these things on my website ( I've never been so happy. I'm telling you a change in my life was needed after divorce.

With all the traveling... I discovered that I often made mistakes in what to bring. So I made a list that I looked at every time I left anywhere. It's been a life saver over and over again. This list leaves me the time to wonder around... find really cool places that I've heard about in underground travel sites.

Never mind all that...

Let's get to the list!

Top 5 Travel Tips

The essential travel guide

1. One week of clothing (in season) one semiformal shirt and pants/skirt for customs. (always dress nice for customs...they put you through MUCH faster!) Two t-shirts, one pair of shorts and a pair of jeans.

2. Backup photocopies or scans of ALL important documents: Health insurance, passport/visa, credit cards, debit cards, - front and back

3. Debit cards, credit cards, $200 worth of small bills in local currency. List of every debit card and credit card which you can check at each location or when you feel the need.

4. Small cable lock, small padlock. Keep your luggage safe while in transit or for renting a locker. Even if your bags are just locked together it will make most theives move on.

5. Electronic dictionary for target language - not a book - for speed. Optional... grammer guide or text.

6. A broad stroke travel guide.

Six is a bonus! Which means many people think it's optional. No way!