Thursday, April 23, 2009

5 top travel tips

The whole reason I go to other countries is so I can find beautiful women there. I want to flirt with them, date them and seduce them. I then write about how I do these things on my website ( I've never been so happy. I'm telling you a change in my life was needed after divorce.

With all the traveling... I discovered that I often made mistakes in what to bring. So I made a list that I looked at every time I left anywhere. It's been a life saver over and over again. This list leaves me the time to wonder around... find really cool places that I've heard about in underground travel sites.

Never mind all that...

Let's get to the list!

Top 5 Travel Tips

The essential travel guide

1. One week of clothing (in season) one semiformal shirt and pants/skirt for customs. (always dress nice for customs...they put you through MUCH faster!) Two t-shirts, one pair of shorts and a pair of jeans.

2. Backup photocopies or scans of ALL important documents: Health insurance, passport/visa, credit cards, debit cards, - front and back

3. Debit cards, credit cards, $200 worth of small bills in local currency. List of every debit card and credit card which you can check at each location or when you feel the need.

4. Small cable lock, small padlock. Keep your luggage safe while in transit or for renting a locker. Even if your bags are just locked together it will make most theives move on.

5. Electronic dictionary for target language - not a book - for speed. Optional... grammer guide or text.

6. A broad stroke travel guide.

Six is a bonus! Which means many people think it's optional. No way!

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