Monday, May 4, 2009

My ex-wife just called... Part 2

He goes to church every Sunday and sometimes Tuesday. He wants to start talking to this girl from south america that's pretty good looking with an accent and very nice smile. He's already tried his regular methods for a while and they're getting him nothing.

So he tries mine.

Three sundays later... that's a little over 3 hours! He's IN. Man, is he excited. He want to be an "example" for me. Make a video and all that. He can't believe it. And he keeps telling me how rich her family is. I don't care, but it's nice that he's this excited.

He goes down the list of stuff he did. It's all pretty funny. Everyone likes to tell their story. I'm going to get some video footage, post in on youtube and link it to my site. I'll post here when that happens.

You'll laugh when you see how excited he is.

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