Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The 1 Mistake ALL Nice Guys Make - Tips for Flirting

Tips for Flirting

Nice Guys love to talk to women. They relish the chance to make "a connection" and hopefully find something that can bring his object of desire closer to to him. Like the high school kid who can't afford the cool leather jacket and can't convince his parents to buy it for him.

What does he do?

He gets a job. Problem solved. Now he might keep that job or he might quit after he gets enough to but the jacket... the point is that he solved his problem. Nice Guys take the same approach. But the way they do this is they look for "a connection." This is the first and biggest mistake. Does this work? Sometimes, but as Nietzsche said, that is mistaking cause with coincidence.

It works but she would have liked you anyway! Now you mistakenly believe it was the connection that gave you the edge. And since that isn't the case at all you'll fail many times between the times you don't fail. But you'll keep looking for the "connection" because you think it's the key.

Creating attraction is the only tip for flirting that need ever be headed. It you don't do that then there is little or no hope.

Don't look for the "connection" instead do the work yourself. Create attraction...

Look to my other posts for some tips to do that.